A recap of sorts

I have sucked at blogging lately.  Because of my indiscretions in the blogging, you will, unfortunately, have to suffer with a basic update of the past two weeks. Or is it three?
I don’t know.  Really, I should just write more and then we both wouldn’t have to suffer. Me from struggling to remember what has happened since I last blogged, and you from lack of information (oh, but some of you probably don’t care that much, whew! I don’t feel so bad anymore.)
HOKAY, so! (name that quote)
I celebrated with the TCU Dance Dept. 60 years of Dancing!  Did you know that TCU started the first college ballet program in the US in 1949?  Well they did, so we celebrated this year with a great gala program.  I was pleased to coach 11 women in dancing Soaring, by Doris Humphrey (look her up, and learn something about modern dance).  It’s a dance from 1920, so there’s lots of historic importance there, and these students danced beautifully!  From the whispers that I heard during and after, I’m thinking it was a crowd favorite.
I also got to hang out with some of my favorite TCU dance Alumni from the past 6 years who came in for a gala and reception.  We all loved being dancing frogs.
That same weekend we got to see/hear Donald Miller (look him up and enjoy his books, he’ll give you some things to think about) speak at a local church.  He was promoting his new book, which we bought (J has read it, but I’m stuck on another book at the moment).  I want to post more fully about his talk so for now I’ll just tell you that he gave me lots to think about, and perhaps put into action.
The next weekend my parents came into town.  It was a mixed weekend of football and dance, which pretty much sums up our (meaning me, J, and Bravo) family.  I choreographed a work for a local dance company, and they were performing that weekend, and my dance closed the show.  So the four of us went to see the show, and the dancers were freakin’ amazing.  
Just fantastic in everything they did, and I was pleased that the audience seemed to love what I made.  That’s why I made it, so it was a success. 
Then the next day I had to go to work, so the rest of em (the parents and the husband) went to College Game Day at TCU!  
I bet you’ve never seen a campus so excited to have those four guys there. My Mom got pics of Corso walking out of the port-a-potty, so she was proud.  
Then that night we went to see THE game. 
TCU vs the Utes. (that’s Univ. of Utah for those of you who don’t bleed purple, thus you weren’t paying attention).  Don’t worry, we won, and I survived the game.  I even liked it.
And for the past week I’ve been theme parking it up with lots of rehearsals because we opened for Christmas shows on Friday (no shopping for me!)  I’ve been getting my Ballerina on.
Oh, and somewhere in there I took the dog and met J down in Austin where I met the rest of his family (those unfortunate enough not to attend our awesome wedding) and hung out with them and the relatives I’d already met for a great Thanksgiving.
And my mama taught me right- I ate a plate with a bit of everything (luckily, because it was ALL good!) and then dried dishes as mom in law washed.
And I brought my chocolate cake, and everyone liked it.
And I got to hang out with a really fun, and unpredictable family.
And they got to hang out with Bravo.
And J ate and played golf.
And we all went to see the Blind Side.
And now you’re caught up.


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