Actual Conversations with J- Episode 5

Back Story: we saw a commercial for a publisher’s clearing house contest where you could win $5000 a week for a year. We thought that sounded pretty good.

J: Wow, that’s a lot of money… like $100,000 a year!
Me: Umm… (frantically doing the math to make sure that’s not right. I’m pretty sure that’s not right- right??)
J: yeah- 52 times 5000… oh wait, no not $100,000, what am I thinking?  more like $200,000
Me: um, no
J: augh!  What am I thinking it’s a little over $250,000.
Me: oh yeah, I’m really good at math, I teach high school math
J: You know what? Let’s factor!

So then he made me do some algebra problems.  It was very romantic.


2 thoughts on “Actual Conversations with J- Episode 5

  1. Haha… that sounds like me trying to do math. “Yea, no wait, uhhmmmm…. huh.” Although, I did teach my students how to tip and calculate percentage the other day. It was a teachable moment… I just hope I taught them right HA!

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