10/23– it’s Mole day!

So we all know that I was a nerd in high school… and maybe I still am.  I don’t perceive that J was a nerd in high school, at least not the same kind of nerd I was.

But he’s definitely one now.

Or he’s acting like one, and I’m not sure there’s a big difference.

In case you didn’t know, J is a high school teacher who teaches 4 different subjects, one being chemistry so he excitedly told me last night that today was Mole Day.  October 23 = 10/23 = (6.02 X)10 to the 23rd power = a mole

it’s a chemistry term…. basically a mole is a specific amount of a substance defined by Avogadro’s number: 6.02 X 10 to the 23rd power.  So, in an effort to jam that number in students’ heads, and to take some time out of class to hang out and eat, it’s MOLE DAY!

I never really understood mole day in high school… I mean we brought in food, but I don’t know how that was really connected to a mole?  Pi day (March 14, 3/14) made sense because it was not only 3.14, but you brought in Pi(e).

And then J explains to me that they’re all bringing Mexican food.

“you know, it’s a Mexican Mole Day”

and that’s not only alliteration, that’s a nod to the traditional Mexican food: mole (pronounced like “ole!” if you’re excited, or “olay” if your skin is dry)– except I don’t think anyone’s actually bringing mole.

Anyone else confused yet?  It gets better…

As I was trying to wrap my mind around the point of mole day, J began to dazzle me with his comedic talents

“So what did Avogadro teach in Math? MOLEtiplication!”
“What kind of lotion did Avagadro use?  Oil of Mole!”
“what did Avogadro tell his students when they were misbehaving?  ‘Quit being MOLEasses!;”

That last one makes no sense at all which prompted a “get it, like molasses?” Which did not help save the joke…

But being the nerd I am I really need to celebrate mole day… so today I’m embracing my moles… and teaching bravo to dig, like a mole.

How are you celebrating mole day?


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