Wedding Wednesday– my dress, the insulted celebrity

I know I’ve mentioned my obsession with wedding shows, and my newest favorite is Say Yes to the Dress.  Brides come into Kleinfeld’s, a HUGE NY bridal salon, and bring millions of people with them to give opinions.  Many of these opinions are annoying and I just want to yell at the bride “Go with your gut, it’s your dress!  Who cares what your mother, brother, child, fiance, future in law, bridesmaid, maid of honor, matron of honor, man of honor, third cousin twice removed, niece, nephew, stylist or kindergarten best friend thinks, as long as you look good and love the dress, buy it.”

Unless it costs $20, 000.  Then you should leave right away before you waste your money.  You’re only wearing it for a few hours.

Anyway, normally it’s the friends and family that annoy me, but in an episode I saw recently it was the flaw finding bride that annoyed me.  Every dress had something wrong with it, and she was really just making fun of dresses.

At one point, they showed her some pictures… and before I knew it I was having flashbacks… it was this picture.

It was my dress!  On TV!  Yes, it was the kind of weird looking designer photo of the dress, and not me in the dress, but it was my dress!  Being shown in Kleinfeld’s!

And then she said something, and it made me absolutely SURE that they were showing her my dress.

“ummm, the back’s kind of trashy…”

Now, if it had been any other dress I would have said “oh, it’s that picky bride,” but actually… her comment makes sense.

That’s exactly what I worried about when I tried on the dress… but I believe my words were something like “umm… does this back make it look like trashy prom dress?”

But turns out it wasn’t trashy prom dress, it was hot wedding dress that groom loved.  And annoyingly picky bride would have known that if she had tried the dress on… or if she saw this picture of the back instead of awkward butt poked out girl on the advertisement…

Or maybe not… maybe I do like trashy.
But if I’m trashy it’s wedding trashy not prom dress trashy, so I guess it’s ok.

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