Wedding Wednesday

I know, I know, I can’t expect to be a super cool blogger if I don’t actually, well, blog.  So here I am, trying to make up for my indiscretions on Wedding Wednesday.
I’m really sorry I didn’t write last week but I’m pretty sure I was trying to fight the swine flu, which took up a lot of time since it was the week I had shows, rehearsals, and an audition that I could not miss.  Luckily everything worked out and I can still eat Bacon.
But you don’t want to read about that, you want to read about my wedding… so here we go.
To continue my list of vendors/stuff we figured out on our own….
Reception Centerpieces
Here’s the thing, I didn’t want to spend money on centerpieces.  With the size of our guest list I knew there would be way too many tables to give everyone centerpiece love without spending TONS of money.  And some people would argue with me and say that it was a necessity and we shouldn’t have scrimped and we really missed out on a major design design element in the wedding. But (and please know that this was not a money ultimatum made by the wedding bank, ie, Dad) for me having (and feeding) more guests was more important than having floral centerpieces.  And one of the great things about picking a location like the Carl House, is the room is so grand and beautiful on its own (hello, that’s half of what you’re paying for) that we could get away with less of our own decor choices. Also helping with that was my color scheme- black and white… if you pick black and white as your color scheme you can almost always use a locations existing decor in its entirety, or at least as a base for additional decor… you don’t have to start from scratch.  And since I’m not finicky, that meant that I had no need to change the table settings or linens that come with the Carl House treatment.
Like most reception sites, the Carl House has a standard small candle centerpiece that they’ll provide for any event (and if you’re already paying for it, you might as well use it) and we ordered fresh rose petals from  and we sprinkled those and our favors around the votive.  For our outside tables (for fear of petals blowing away in a summer breeze) we framed engagement photos and put those around the candles.
We also ordered enough rose petals to hand out to guests for our “grand departure”
So I have something to confess… as much as I love getting favors at weddings, because lately they’ve been chocolate… I don’t get it.  Are we five and at a birthday party?  Why do we have to give or get favors?  You get to come to a fancy party and get a full dinner for free and you want a favor?  We gave you cake!  That’s your favor.  So that was another thing I didn’t want to spend a ton of money, once again because I’d rather feed 230 people dinner than giving 100 people custom-made chocolate boxes engraved with our initials.
But even though I’m not super into the favors, I think ours were super cute.  We bought Hershey’s Kisses in bulk and then ordered sheets of stickers with our names on it and this cute cartoon.  You can even upload your own picture if you want!  I should note that my bridesmaid, my brother, and my grandmother helped in the tedious process of putting the stickers on the kisses, which was harder than it seemed.
Reception Music
Here’s another thing that we ignored what “the experts” had to say.  Most would say that a wedding reception requires a deejayor a band… but we used an iPod and a really good tech-savvy friend to babysit it.
I’ve been to a wedding where the “iPod deejay” was less than successful, but I’ve also been to a wedding with a deejay that was also less than successful.  I wanted the cupid shuffle, but I didn’t want to risk having the hokey pokey (yes, I have done the hokey pokey at a wedding.).
Here’s the thing, if you have a rather eclectic and music taste that is generally pleasant to all, then go for the iPod, but be ready to add to your iTunes library to appease more musical tastes than just your own.  Also be prepared to make a playlist of songs that is an order that will promote dancing from all age groups (after a few speedy and current songs, make sure there’s an “at Last” or something your grandparents will dance to).
I would be remiss if I failed to mention our iPod Deejay, Jody S (our ceremony coordinator’s husband and Brookwood’s youth pastor) who met with me about the playlist so he knew the must-play songs versus the “skip if you must” and generally ran the show at the reception, making announcements and making sure that the sound was great, which it was.  Jody was not initially keen on doing this for us, his first reaction was “I bring no dignity to any event” but he brought lots of dignity and lots of fun to our wedding, and I danced all night long, which is what I intended to do.
If you’re going to brave the iPod reception, remember you’ll have to rent sound equipment and make sure you get second opinions (from a variety of sources) about your playlist (on both content and order).  Also remember that you’ll need a friend who is smart enough to run that equipment and run sound levels, because, surprisingly, that doesn’t just work itself out.
So I think I’ve covered it… now you know everything about my wedding…. I miss my wedding.
But now I have J.
But I still miss my wedding.

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