Thoughts of the Moment

1) Warning: If you haven’t watched The Office yet, don’t read any further.  SPOILER ALERT!

I caught up on Jim and Pam’s wedding today via my DVR (I had rehearsal last night), and I heard lots of comments about how fun the episode was, so I was excited to catch up with everyone today.

Ummmm…. no one told me about the whole vomiting opener.  GROSS!  They should have a warning about that before they show that in prime time television! TVVOM or something. I had just eaten breakfast, and then everyone starts throwing up?  and not like just making noises, there was full frontal vomiting.

Also, I wish I had some crazy youtube sensation that a major network sitcom would copy for the most anticipated episode of the season…

2) Most people would say that chihuahuas are annoying dogs, but I would have to disagree.  In fact, I think Bravo is more annoyed with me than I am with him.  I’ve been forcing him to cuddle and seeing if he will sit in one of my laptop bags as I carry him around. And the whole time he just looks up at me with this expression that is the closest that a dog can get to exasperation.  I have no proof yet, but I’ll be happy to show you this via photo or video ASAP.

3) I know you’ve noticed a lack of blogging… I’ve been sick pretty much all this week, but somehow I still managed to go to 2 rehearsals and an audition, but the rest of my time was spent sleeping and watching tv.

4) I am officially employed through the new year.  Now to buy some pointe shoes…


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