Meet Bravo

J and I have a new member of our family.  His name is Bravo.

If you’ve been reading you know that I’ve been mildly obsessed with getting a dog for about a month now. We had been looking for rescue shelters’ available dogs, and nothing seemed to match up.  We really wanted a dog that had at least some housetraining, no heartworms, and already fixed, at a reasonable price and not more than an hour away.  Anytime we’d find one that fit our requirements, someone would adopt it before we had the chance.

But then I found a free long-haired chihuahua on Craig’s List.  FREE!  Housetrained and fixed.  And free.  And super cute…

So I called. And then on Friday I went to meet him and fell in love with him as he just chilled next to me on the couch.

I know what you’re thinking- “chihuahuas jump and yap and are annoying, and most do not speak in the same cute Mexican taco bell dog accent to redeem themselves out of cuteness.”

Well you are right, no adorable accent, but he doesn’t yap or jump either.

I learned very quickly that Bravo (our new name for him… a nod to my performing career and my favorite network… I’m actually not sure why J went along with it since Cosmo, Chevy, and Starsky were in the running, but whatever) likes to hide under things and in dark places when he jumped from the front seat of my car to the back and crawled under my seat.  He stayed there for the hour drive back to Fort Worth, never making a sound.

So we got home and took a walk around the apartment and he seemed to like his new digs.  He curiously  looked everywhere… and I soon found out he was looking for places to chill.

One of the places he wanted to enter was under the couch.


He knows the word, “no.”  He got out right away.  a better option turned out to be under our Ikea chairs… they are much easier to move should he decide to hide stubbornly when I need him to be somewhere else.

But soon he got more into being on top of furniture rather than underneath it… and now he reigns.

He actually just finds us to be big annoyances at the moment, because we want him to pay attention to us.  Which he does… sometimes.  Really, sometimes he follows me around the house and just sits, watching me do whatever I’m doing whether it be dishes or makeup.

But sometimes we wonder where he is and then we find him in the study by himself.  So we call him into the living room and he stares at us for a second as if to say “what?  you’re boring… see ya!” and then runs back to his new favorite chair.

So then we bring the chair into our living room and he watches football with us.

Not really, J staged this photo.  I’m sure Bravo would much rather watch Top Chef.  Or the Rachel Zoe Project. Or Project Runway, because really that’s still a Bravo show.

Look forward to many more pictures of Bravo… but we’re still working on that whole posing thing.  And  if he’d just smile with his eyes like Tyra says, I’m pretty sure he’d stop getting all that glare in his eyes.


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