Wedding Wednesday

Sorry for my blog hiatus.  My dancing job has had me commuting for 4-5 hour rehearsals and shows for 10 days straight so blogging has taken a backseat.
But I can’t bail out on Wedding Wednesday so here’s a continuation of things we did on our own and with help from friends.
Welcome Gifts
            We greeted our out of town guests staying in the hotel with a welcome letter, a map of the area (made by Dad), a Hershey’s candy bar (with a Jacob and Krista personalized wrapper that my mom made from a template made for us by a friend), and a 2 liter of Coke (appropriate since we were in Atlanta, of course).
Confession: I didn’t think a welcome gifts were all that necessary, but turns out I was wrong.  It’s definitely something you can skip if you need to, but our out of town guests LOVED it.  And the map definitely helped the guys (who were somehow much less busy than the girls…) who were always looking for a new restaurant for lunch.
Food and water the day of the wedding
            Have I mentioned that we have great friends?  Well, our friends Tonya and Joe made food and brought it to my parents’ house for the breakfast and lunch on wedding day, and then they provided crackers and heart-shaped slices of turkey, ham, and cheese as well as bottles of water with Jacob & Krista labels.  This was crucial, since I fainted for lack of protein and breathing space in my dress at my bridal portrait.  Oh yeah, and everyone else needed to eat too…
Bridesmaid’s Hair
            We asked friends (thanks Steve and Amanda!) to pitch in and do our bridesmaids’ hair for the wedding.  With the added expense of traveling heading to the salon was not a viable option.  Grab your friends who are good with hair and see if they’ll help you… and feed them and give them gifts!
My makeup
            I did my own makeup… you may have guessed that I’m a bit of a control freak and I’ve been doing my own makeup with great success for years now so I knew that was what I needed to do to keep my nerves under control. 
I would say that you should only pick one thing to do yourself for your own look.  In other words, either you do your own hair or you do your own makeup… not both—unless you’re a cosmetologist with plenty of time on your wedding day.
The other secret to being ok with doing my own makeup was that I’ve seen my makeup in photos before, and I’ve been happy with it.  Remembering the photo aspect of your wedding (in other words, what looks good in person needs to also translate to a photo).
I also made sure to use a quality product, and Mary Kay has never let me down, so I bought new foundation, concealer, highlighter, lipstick, lipliner, and powder from a friend who is a Mary Kay consultant (thanks Anne!).  I spent about $90 on makeup, but it was certainly worth it, and I still have the makeup of course.
My last suggestion is to buy a makeup sealant… we used Model in a Bottle, which you can buy online.
Me using model in a bottle…

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