Thoughts of the Moment

Wednesdays are a big night for three reasons:

1) Top Chef
2) So You Think You Can Dance
3) America’s Next Top Model.

But can I just say that I’m tired of the drama on reality television?  I know that’s kind of the point, but that’s why I don’t watch shows like Survivor, Big Brother, or (most of the time) The Bachelor.  I’m a performer, I have enough drama in my own life.  I mean, yes, I do enjoy seeing the occasional contestant controversy, but let it be over and done, don’t spend all your non-competing time talking about each other and trying to stir up strife.

My exact complaints… Please ANTM girls stop talking and model!  Quit saying that you did great but you know that everyone else sucked and shorty number 1 needs to stop talking to shorty number 2 because 2 is such a liar and she’s just getting sucked in and she’s just such a mean person.  Hello, you’re mean and you’re still talking.

And Top Chefs need to be a bit more honorable… I wish Robin was gone too, but don’t say that she only mentioned that she had cancer to get ahead.  Her story fit the challenge and that’s pretty insulting to the judge to say that she would throw a pity win rather than judge the food.

The only thing that didn’t leave a bad taste in my mouth was SYTYCD… I love watching… and seeing people that I know from the dance world, that is oh, so small!

Do I have an reality show lovers reading?


2 thoughts on “Thoughts of the Moment

  1. Wow Krista, I feel like we'd get along really well if we ever sat down and watched tv together. Because for one thing, we watch the same shows. (Except I haven't gotten back into ANTM for the past few cycles.) And also because I was thinking the EXACT SAME THING about what they were all saying about Robin on Top Chef. Wow. I wish I had known this when we were both at TCU, because I have a feeling the chances of us “sitting down and watching tv together” are…..well, they're not good. 🙂 Unless I ever come to visit TCU again, and apparently if that happens I'm going to have to schedule watching-tv-with-Krista into the itinerary! Haha didn't mean to make this comment so long. 🙂

  2. Humm reality? Top Chef, yes. Man vs Wild is considered like adventure reality I think. And I concur with the drama on shows. I think I've said that a lot. Anyways I diggg

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