Wedding Wednesday

It’s Wedding Wednesday!  Last week I promised I would fill in the things that we either did ourselves or with help from friends or vendors that we brought in that we know personally… so I feel really weird calling them “vendors”.   I want to recognize all the help we received, but I also wanted to show that you can finish up details yourself and make it really personal, and, hopefully not have to spend a ton of money.
I’m going to limit this week to our ceremony…
Church/Ceremony Decor: Brookwood Baptist Church
My (and my parents’) “home church.”  If you’d asked me five years ago if I would get married at Brookwood I would have said “no” because it used to be pink.  Seriously.  But some in the last few years they redecorated and it was all neutral tones with tons of lighting.  As a former member it obviously has a sentimental value for my family and I, and I got what I wanted: simple, classic, and elegant.  And because the décor was already pretty basic and pleasant, I didn’t have to do a lot to hide  or match some hideous mural or something.  Some people will argue with me, but all we needed was low lighting, candles, stage lighting for the wedding party, the piano, and the beauty of our wedding party for décor.  I just didn’t want to spend money on a bunch of altar arrangements when I knew that my “look” was not “garden,” but instead it was “romantic candlelight.”  We did rent candelabras from the florist, but we added extra candles on the baptistery as well as bows to the candelabras (from a craft store = cheap!)
Ceremony Music: Scott C
Scott is Brookwood’s current worship pastor and he is an amazing pianist and vocalist.  The great thing about working with him was I could literally ask him to play anything and he would.  Here’s a rundown of our ceremony music
Pre-ceremony: He could play whatever he wanted in terms of hymns and praise songs, as long as he included my favorites “it is Well with my Soul,” “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee,” “Be Thou My Vision,” and “Come Thou Fount.”

Prelude/candlelighting: “Come to Jesus” by Chris Rice, this is the only song Scott sang.

Then our Billy Joel Processional… I love Billy Joel, and I finally realized that I needed him in our wedding.  His music is gorgeous on the piano (obviously, Piano Man) and it’s timeless and much of it is romantic. He played all of these

Parents: “I love you just the way you are”
Bridesmaids: “She’s Always a Woman to me” – I picked this for the beautiful waltz it is, not for the lyrics… she’s not a very nice woman, but it’s a perfect melody
Bride: “She’s Got A Way” – a nod to one of my all time faves

Recessional: theme from the Office- I kept this a secret from J, and I couldn’t believe that I convinced Scott to do this and it was amazing!

Pastor: Scott K
One of my former youth pastors, Scott was instrumental to my spiritual development.  My biggest piece of advice is to pick someone to do your wedding that has played an important role in either your life or your fiance’s life.  If that’s not possible pick someone who knows you well or will get to know you, and someone that you know will make you feel comfortable on your wedding day.  Scott told our story and made everyone laugh and smile and cry. 
Ceremony Coordinator: Jessica S
Jessica is Brookwood’s youth pastor’s wife, and I’ve known her since we were both in high school and attending BBC.  She seemed like a natural fit because ever since I got engaged my mom would go to her to ask for suggestions (her wedding was just five years ago and she referred us to Southern Bouquets, our florist) for the wedding.  She always had great suggestions, and, although we weren’t able to attend, her wedding ceremony is legendary among our circle of friends for its personal touches and beautiful moments.  Jessica did a great job and I knew I could trust her with coordinating our wedding party and helping us with the details of the day.  She did a FABULOUS job!
Ps- she hates that she’s in this picture, but I think it’s perfect because she was such an important part of the day, and to have her in the background just shows what a great job she did of making sure we got down the aisle!  Plus, I love the lighting effect she creates!
I love all these people regardless… but they are extra special to me since they have played such an important role in our life!

One thought on “Wedding Wednesday

  1. What a fun post idea!

    the pictures are great! and I love how yall had the theme from the Office played (pure awesomeness!)

    …seriously, your church was pink? Its my favorite color and everything, but for church? haha

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