I know you’ve been wondering…

…so I’m finally ready to show you our home.  Please know that this is my pretty much my first home.  I went from my family’s home in GA to a college dorm to a rent house that I moved into with a friend who lived there already for a whole year (read: she already had it decorated and styled) and now to this one bedroom apartment with my husband.  First home = first time to decorate a home… so be nice

For about a month it was just a couple rooms filled with boxes, but then we got a storage unit and could finally start putting things where we wanted them and could buy more furniture.

I’ll stop talking and get to the pictures:

This is our entry way, on the left. We’ve got a reminder above the door (LIVE!), a coat rack, and some fun pictures on an end table.  We also have some wall art you can see in the second picture… it’s an antique map of  cattle trails in Texas, and on the opposite wall (not pictured) we have some line art depicting dancers.

When you walk into our home the first room you’ll come to is our study nook.  It’s the perfect place to store our not-so-pretty books, our laptops and printers and various technology and accessories, and we display our TCU memorabilia and personal accomplishments- including our diplomas!
This is our main wall in the living room… a way comfortable couch, a couple end tables (one was seven dollars at IKEA!) and some fun pillows.

This is probably my favorite part of our living room.  We’ve got the great IKEA chairs, a purple ottoman (that we usually use for seating, not for our feet), more fun pillows (including my splurge at Pottery Barn) and some great curtains.  I feel like it’s a great reading nook.
Our dining room.  We bought a table at a Rooms To Go Outlet for under $100… it has a nick in it, but no worries, that’s where the table cloth comes in!
This is a small cabinet in our dining area that J and I assembled ourselves.  We probably started over about 3 times, but we finally got it right and it stores the serving ware that we don’t have room for in our kitchen storage areas.  It’s also a great place for our placemats, napkins, and candlesticks.
Not much to show in the kitchen but the pics give you the full effect.  That’s a glass with a monogram “L” over our stove (great wedding gift!) and a few of our appliances and kitchen tools on the counters.
Also not much to show in our bathroom.  It’s basically brown with different shades of blue.
Our bedroom.  On the top is my dresser with my photos and jewlery and some candles. On the wall is a rehearsal dinner shot of us, artwork showing the “Ten Commandments of Marriage” (a beautiful gift from one of my bridesmaid’s mom), and a framed print of Norman Rockwell’s “The Marriage License.”  Below is our wall with window and door onto one of our patios and J’s dresser.
And this is the bed.  I love how my pillows match the (IKEA) fixture over our bed.  It lights up.  Yes, it does.
I tried to keep our wedding photos isolated to one area of the apartment.  So here is where they live.
Some close-ups of random decor in the living room.
I just realized that I did not show that we have a television… and, believe me, we do… it’s across the room from the couch.
I just don’t want anyone to think that I’m trying to act like we no longer have a television.  We are not so in love that we don’t need a television.
Like our new home?

One thought on “I know you’ve been wondering…

  1. Looks great! My most favorite thing…Langfords in the scrabble pieces. I LOVE SCRABBLE!!!! That is a super cute special touch! I would copy it and do it at my house, but its just me and it would look lame as “Pape.” Ha! Good job though!

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