Things not to say now that you’re married…

I’m hoping to compile a list of things not to say now that I’m married… I came up with this idea today after an interesting thing happened on facebook.  If you’re on facebook (and you’re my friend) you can read it here and here.

Soo, the number one thing not to say (or twitter, or post to facebook) when you’re married is…

1) “What does it mean when you’re crying over an AT&T commercial?”

You should not say this because everyone’s immediate reaction will be “you’re pregnant.”  Which is ok, I guess, if you’re one of those wives who is “trying,” but we are so NOT at least not for a super long time so pregnancy talk really freak me out.  But with a question like mine, I see how I was asking for it.

The timing of this is hilarious since I was wondering about what I would blog about today… now I know.

So that everyone knows that I’m not with child, let me give you the facts.

1) I am a serial commercial crier- I’ve been crying at commercials for years.  I used to cry at a Sylvan Learning Center Commercial where a daughter brings home an all A report card.

So it’s not totally weird that I cried during a commercial.

2) This commercial (which I will show at the end of this blog) had a couple things that I’m in love with right now (mainly dogs, and people working together to do nice things), and the combination became quite emotional.

3) I’m a newlywed.  Newlyweds cry.  You may not believe that, but this is true, and I know it’s true because a girl I went to college with wrote this on my wall:

“I’m pretty sure it’s a newlywed thing. I started crying every time I watch Intervention and strangely, What Not to Wear. There’s just so… much… happiness! But I was NOT a crier before we got married. Husbands do weird things to you.”

And I think she’s right.

Also, just for the record, I used to say stuff like that all the time… I would post “oh no, I’m crying as I watch America’s Next Top Model… wow” and people would say stuff like “you clearly need more sleep!” Which was usually true considering my course load and schedule.  

But now that I’m married I can no longer admit to crying at the dog food commercials or having the need to eating Nutella straight from the jar, because I’ll be accused of carrying an alien.  

So here’s the commercial that made me cry… as you can see I have dog fever, not baby fever. 

What are some other things I shouldn’t be saying now that I’m married?


5 thoughts on “Things not to say now that you’re married…

  1. No sentences that start, “When we were in bed last night…” Even if you were going to say that he burped or something, everyone is going to assume something swanky was happening. No matter what you say. Trust me. 🙂

  2. Awwwww! I got all misty. What a cute commercial! …and I'm not pregnant. haha and Jess is totally right. I could say “When we were laying in bed last time, George (our cat) bit the hell out of my leg.” And everyone would assume that I was somehow talking about the sex we had…it's weird.

  3. I completely understand why you cried at that commercial. I mean, I didn't but if I weren't at work right now I might have. And its not just a newlywed thing. Maybe its hormones in reaction to change….because anytime I have a big change in my life, I start crying a lot at silly tv shows.

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