Wedding Wednesday

I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile… and wedding Wednesday is the perfect day to do it!
Curious to know about our wedding vendors?  If your wedding is in the Atlanta area, then I would recommend any of the following:

Invites: My
You can choose and order your invites online, they will print and send them to you, and if they make a mistake (which they did with our order- not a big one, but not what we ordered) they will correct it free of charge.  Lots of options for format, font, and paper.

Go to a bridal show, sign up for MW Tux, get a discount.  It’s something like order 4 tuxes get the groom’s free?  Easy, breezy, and the best choice since we had groomsmen/fathers and brothers in Galveston, Austin, Fort Worth, Seattle, Atlanta, and Corpus Christi, since there’s a Men’s Wearhouse (or 2 or 3) in most US cities.  PS- we went with the one of the lowest grade tuxes, because we wanted it to be the best price for our guys, and I think they still look awesome!
Dress, bridesmaid dresses, mom’s dress: 
Formally Yours
one of my favorite vendors… mainly because I went there a lot for various items and fittings, etc. and they were always super nice and helpful.  I’ve already written about dress shopping, so I won’t go on any longer.  Obviously each of these dresses comes from a different designer, but I found and bought them at Formally Yours.  There’s lots of opportunities for discounts here, as well, just fyi.

Melonie has a huge repertoire of fabulous looking (and tasting) cakes that will blow your mind.  Our main cake, while classy, was waay simple compared to other things she does. She was super patient as we took about an hour to make our decision, even calculating all our different options so we would know exactly what we were getting into in terms of price.  The Texas-shaped cake (with the aptly placed horned frog sugar icon) really shows what she can do. If you go to her, you have to try the lemon cake!  I don’t like lemon cake, but I LOVED hers!

you’ve read about how I don’t think in flowers, but I was so happy with mine… I mean look at them.  I didn’t really know what I wanted in my flowers, but the little I did know I told her in layman’s terms and she transformed it into beautiful bouquets.  She also provided us with beautiful iron candelabras and unity candle set for our ceremony.

Reception site/catering: 
The Carl House  
Another favorite vendor… it’s kind of a drive if you’re doing a Gwinnett County wedding, but totally worth it. The staff did everything possible to make our time with them (from the first meeting to the reception) perfect.  They cater and they have lots of menu options and you can also do your ceremony there as well.

Photographer- Scott Wang Photograpy
The only thing that comes close to the joy I experienced at our wedding is the joy I have from looking at our wedding photos which are beautiful!

The pain was worth it since they went with my dress perfectly!
My mom and I have been going to Leah for years, and so of course she did our hair!  Another stylist at White Stone, Lisa, did J’s grandma.  For the record, if you have difficult hair like mine (no texture, but really thick!) I would recommend heading to a stylist who really knows your hair if possible.  Leah was doing stuff with my hair that I did not think was possible, but she really knew what to expect with my stick-straight but very thick hair.

Hair Accessory:
My mom was not sure when I said that I wanted to wear a feather in my hair… but my “feather flower” was a big hit at the reception.  We just ordered online, knowing that there was a return option if I didn’t like it- but I loved it!

Next Wedding Wednesday: Everything else… because everything else we either did ourselves or called in favors from our wonderful friends!

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