Thoughts of the Moment

1) If you enjoyed the wedding wrap-up but kept thinking “hey, I’d like to see some pictures of this amazing day,” you’re in luck… I just added pictures.  Check it out.

2) VMAs last night: I wasn’t watching the VMAs (as you know we’re a divided sports vs. pop culture household), but I was watching Twitter and facebook EXPLODE with updates saying “really Kanye?” and other more colorful things.  I promptly tried to find links about what I’d missed (which are abundant now, no worries) but the “server is too busy” was all I got for awhile.  Don’t worry I’m updated now, and I’ve taped subsequent showings of the VMAs so I can watch and really know.

I know you’re not asking me to sound off on this, but I’m going to anyway.  Kanye is… so weird.  so weird.  If you haven’t seen his apology since you can see it here.  It’s a totally fake apology that basically says “much respect, you’re awesome, ps beyonce still should have won, but I’m so sorry to everyone” and yeah, it’s not on his all caps lock blog any longer anyway.

Here’s the thing- it’s the VMAs, there’s enough awards for almost everyone to win- Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Britney, and wait for it, wait for it— oh yes, Beyonce won the all-encompassing video award.  So I guess crazy Kanye is happy?  The thing that sucks is that you can’t deny the talent of either Beyonce or Taylor Swift, but instead I get to be annoyed with a crazy outburst from someone who always sounds crazy!  Have you ever seen him interviewed?  He makes no sense!

Which brings me to
3) Why are we (just to clarify, not really sure who “we” is so don’t get upset at me) allowing celebrities of whatever genre to get away with ridiculous, immature outbursts?  Tiger Woods throws a club, Serena (and other tennis players this week) throwing rackets and spewing obsceneties, and, of course, Kanye.  If it was Summer of Celebrity Deaths, then it’s also September of Celebrity Outbursts.  Yeah, sure, they’re just human and they make mistakes (clearly), but it’s not ok and here’s why:

These people are paid amounts of money that many of us will never see in our lifetime to do things that many would love to be able to do for a living. Yes, many celebrities are talented and deserve to do what they do, but they should recognize that it’s a privilege to create their art or play their sport.  A privilege to do it on a level that most will not be able to attain.  (and, for the record, when it comes to celebs in music and tv/film, they may not have to be the most talented of their field to attain this level… because a lot of press/success comes from who you know, what you look like, styling, etc… and don’t get me started on that one).  When they do stuff like exhibit their anger in an immature fashion they are disgracing whatever field they’re in… disagree with the call, be mad at MTV, or be mad at yourself, but deal with it like a mature adult… you’re paid MILLIONS of dollars to produce whatever work it is that you produce, so be thankful, don’t play the “pity me, I’m being targeted” card…  Because a lot of us would love to be in your position.

So as you can imagine, I was very unhappy with MTV for celebrating in Serena’s actions by having her as a presenter and making a cute “it was no big deal” joke about her outburst.  But hey, it went along with the rest of the evening, so I guess I can’t fault them for being incohesive.

and last, but not least,

4) Lady Gaga, you are crazy.


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