4 Things- not really related.

1) Thanks for reading my blog yesterday and doing me a favor.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can still help me out.

2) J blogs too.  He basically brags about how good his memory is by writing first person accounts of random (and not-so-random) days in his life. I haven’t plugged his blog yet, but he has a great description of our first date-ish experience.  I thought my readers might like to become his readers, and this is the perfect time to jump on board.

3) Yesterday was an important day.  Starting yesterday we were officially allowed to  talk about getting a dog.  Of course, I was already talking about it, but it was agreed that no serious discussion would happen.  So we talked, and decided that we would be getting a dog, but not for at least a month, maybe more… and this is also pending on our financial situation as of October (right now we are still figuring out what that looks like).  So once we learn whether or not we can handle the monetary commitment, we shall go dog shopping… but of course I’m already researching.

So for my north Texas, dog-owning readers: Where did you get your dog?  Someone you know?  a shelter?  a pet adoption event?  pet store?  Any thoughts on pros/cons of where you got your dog?
fyi- we’re very interested in small (pomeranian), adult (pomeranian), dogs (pomeranian)… specifically pomeranians… or a mix (as long as a pomeranian is in there somewhere).

Seriously though- we are also interested in yorkies, papillons, and japanese chins, chihuahuas (long-haired, non rat-looking, non teacup, non yappy… we’re very picky about our chis) or any mixes using the aforementioned.  Let me know if there’s a breed I’m missing out on.

Oh, and if anyone got there dog here, let me know how you felt about that experience… I’d really like to adopt from them, but I’d like to know more.

4) One day I’ll blog more about cooking/baking… but today I looked up how to melt butter in the microwave… because it’s the little things in the kitchen that really slow me down.  And my “how to boil water” cookbook, though it has been AWESOME and taught me many “duh” techniques… melting butter was not one of them.


3 thoughts on “4 Things- not really related.

  1. In the market for a dog, aye? Well guess what! Doug's sister's dog just had puppies and they are cute as a button!!! Well, almost. They're still really little. I'll send you a picture of our dog, who came from the same set of parents. Hopefully she'll be cute enough to win Jacob over. I'm not sure what they're selling them for, but I could always let you know! – Julie

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