Newlywed Triumphs

Things I (ok, some of these are we) have accomplished since the wedding:
Finished over 150 thank you notes
Got the traditional post-wedding bridal haircut
Trip to Ikea and Rooms to Go Outlet to complete our furniture needs
Several trips to Target, Bed Bath & Beyond for various décor needs
Made an entire meal by myself, including a fancy dessert
 Ok this doesn’t look that exciting, but it’s roasted peaches with ice cream and a raspberry sauce that I MADE!  From scratch!  
I had to use a strainer, it was very exciting.
Successfully conquered our apartments many storage and décor challenges
           Challenge: too much kitchen stuff, very little kitchen storage
            Solution: buy pretty storage cabinet (that we had to assemble, which meant starting over about 3 times….) to keep/display items used less often
            Challenge: No additional closet
            Solution: Go plead for a free unit from the complex… and get it!
            Challenge: Boring white walls
            Solution: wall art, shelving, many many photos,  and CURTAINS!
Changed my name!
Officially became a Texas resident
Consistently having a great time living together in or new home.

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