Triumphant Return

It’s been three weeks since I’ve written.  Shame on me, I’m an awful blogger.  In my defense, however, I have been fairly busy the past three weeks.  Nothing crazy, just, oh an out-of town wedding, a honeymoon to Mexico, a 13-hour return road trip to Texas, assisting at an international conference immediately upon my return to normal (read: married, so not normal for me, yet) life, and, most importantly, an attempt to unpack an apartment that now includes OUR stuff plus all those gifts our incredibly generous (!) family and friends showered (read: pelted, lovingly… that’s how overwhelming our truckload, not kidding, of wedding gifts were) over us.

I should mention that as my life has now changed, so will my blog… and yet it won’t.  There are many wedding planning topics that I never tackled, that I would have loved to, but I was either too close to them at the time to be, frankly, anything but self-indulgent.  And then there’s that whole time thing.  Getting married takes time and effort, in case you didn’t know (I don’t mean that sarcastically… I didn’t know how much time or effort it would take), and so the blog fell by the wayside at times.  And I’m sure that will still happen at times.

But I also want to share what I’m experiencing as a new convert to sacred and lawful coupledom.  I still have issues with the word wife (he only calls me wife to my face to annoy me…. Any other time he calls me his bride), and while living with a boy is more than tolerable, there are sure to be some humorous and universally understood experiences.

And while “unveiled” is a perfect way to describe a pre-wedding confessional blog, I’m now officially unveiled, so as I continue blogging I hope it’s just an unveiling (revelation, admission, declaration, affirmation, etc.) of me (person, Christian, bride, wife, dancer, writer, Texas transplant, etc.).
But don’t worry: a full wedding recap is forthcoming…

Side Note: our wedding is famous.  Not really, our photographer just put some photos up on his blog.  Let me know if you want the link and password to all the pics.

2 thoughts on “Triumphant Return

  1. LOVE the new unveiled theme. So, so perfect for what it means to be married!! Can't wait to read it. Also, I would love for you to stop by for coffee/tea/dr.pepper some day soon.

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