Invitation Only

I love watching wedding shows, and my favorite is Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? on the Style Channel.  If you’ve ever seen the show you know that the weddings that are featured range from huge affairs with budgets that equal four years of TCU tuition to small weddings with less than 50 guests.  I love watching, but always laugh at the brides that obsess over details, like the bride who sat and had an hour-long conversation with a vendor about the shades of purple that would be used in her place settings.

I did not want to obsess about details… and, for the most part, I haven’t, but some things just require extra attention, like cake designs and flavors (Truth be told I wanted a square cake, but, for whatever reason, round is less expensive), flowers (only because I don’t think in florals, thus the conversation was quite exhausting as the florist had to explain… oh, everything), and, apparently, the invitations.

I didn’t think we would have to obsess over invitations.  I had a friend whose wedding invitations were the best that I’d ever seen, so I just showed it to my mom and said, “this is what I want, except in black, ivory and champagne.”  As far as I was concerned, plug our names and dates into that template and we’re good to go.

Oh no, there is much more to it than that.  First would we use script?  If so, would all the text be script or just some?  If just some, would we put the print letters in all caps or not?  If we use script which font (of about 1000 choices) would we pick?  Do we include fathers’ middle names? Middle initials?  Neither?  Would we list names on the inner envelope horizontal separated by commas, or vertical, like a list?  Do we need a decorative ribbon for the inner envelope?

Truth be told my mother was the one obsessing over these details and not me, I would just get e-mails every once in awhile that would ask these questions and I would rarely know how to answer except to say, “Mom, I trust your judgment. Send me a couple examples, and I’ll pick.”

When she got the invitation wording settled she started picking fonts online and sent links with examples of our wording using several different combinations of fonts.  When I got this e-mail with about ten different options of font styles, I thought, “Surely I won’t care about the font.  This is going to be easy.”
Not so.  I’d look at one script and dislike the “K” in my name.  The next I would hate the “J.”  The next looked perfect except that there was an ugly “L.”  And as I was sifting through my options I realized “I’m obsessing over letters.  LETTERS!  Really?”

We finally picked a combination everyone liked (because it was simple, classic and elegant, of course) and our invitations have received rave reviews.  I definitely had a giddy moment when I saw the first one arrive for my roommate in the mail.

But truth be told I still don’t like how my K looks.  And my mom’s not a fan of the L.



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