Avoiding the bridal ballerina…

I seem to be making a lot of decisions about my wedding based on my ballerina childhood.  As in, “that reminds me of an old recital dance/costume/hairstyle… so no, I don’t want it.”

My parents and I went to a wedding when I was in middle school, and the bride wore this beautiful tiara, she told me she would lend it to me when I get married.

It really was beautiful, but in the years following I wore lots of tiaras… with lots of tutus.  No longer did tiara say to me “wedding” it now said “performance.” In a similar vein, I’ve avoided tulle in the wedding attire and any type of theme for the wedding (which just reminds me of the yearly themed recitals).

While I’m pretty set on having the day be pretty spectacular, I also want it to be, for lack of a better word, natural and reflective of us as we are, not a performance.  So avoiding that ballet performance stuff feels necessary.  Although, some people have had fabulous weddings with fairy tale princess themes… that would not work for me, which means nothing except that weddings are and should be a very personal thing.

The most humorous of my minor rebellions against making my wedding “bridal ballerina”- themed is my refusal to include Canon in D in the wedding music. There was a rather infamous dance performed a few times at my ballet school that, although it was very beautiful, would cause me to have visions of young girls in pointe shoes walking down the aisle rather than my bridesmaids (although 5 out of 6 are dancers so that’s not all that inappropriate).

And while I won’t reveal the decisions I’ve made for the processional music here, rest assured that it will not be the traditional bridal march… for no other reason except that I cannot picture it.

2 thoughts on “Avoiding the bridal ballerina…

  1. Krista, I agree entirely. I can't hear that song and not be taken back to those early pointe shoe days at the old studio. Wise decision NOT to include it. Fun blog… and congratulations on the wedding!!

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