Cycle of Bride

As I mentioned in the previous post, I’ve now had two bridal showers thrown by different bridesmaids, and I’ll have two more thrown by women from my home church as well as my bachelorette party next weekend.  I’m lucky to be so loved that people not only show up but put so much effort into hosting such fun soirees.

My first shower was a lengthy drop-in event for my Texas friends, including my future mother-in-law.  It was great to get the chance to hang out and talk with so many people from different areas of my life.  And I got to do the cupid shuffle and see two of my bridesmaids take each other out in a mock bouquet toss, so what more could I ask for, right?

The second was thrown by two of my friends from GA for my dance studio family… these two ladies made all of the desserts they served (minus my mom’s famous oreo balls… so good!) from scratch, I’m pretty sure.  There were cakes with layers, and tarts, and ganache, and truffles!  Who makes truffles?  It was awesome.  And, once again, seeing everyone there was awesome too.

I generally enjoy attending showers, but I do feel awkward sometimes about being the one the shower is thrown for (worst grammar ever…).  Have I held the gift up long enough?  Should I pass it around?  Have I mingled sufficiently… I think I’ve talked to everyone but I’m not sure?

Don’t get me wrong… I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every event that has come along, it’s a pleasure not a chore… but perfectionist me wants to do it “right” so there’s a little anxiety there to be the perfect bride in every situation.

And then there’s just the worry of inviting people to shower me with gifts in the first place… but I guess it’s a part of it… I get to experience it now, and pass it along to other future brides.  The cycle of bride.

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