Actual Conversations with J, Episode 2

The Back Story: I heard a story from some of my friends who were babysitting at a parent’s night out at our church for Valentine’s Day, and I was sharing it with J… hilarity ensues

Me: So the night is finishing up, and they ask this little boy, “hey, why don’t you help us clean up some of this trash, junior [not his real name]?” And the kid says, “ummm… no, I’ll just let a girl do it. That’s the kind of stuff have to do when they grow up, anyway.”
J: Whoa…
M:: I know right? I would have told that kid “I hope you grow up and get a mean wife.
J: Yeah.
J: [in his best “man’s man” rough and tough voice] Hey, go get me a drink.
Me: [exasperated look on my face]
J: Seriously.
Me: [still exasperated] Really?
J: Yeah. You go get me a drink and I’ll, uh, go fix the carburetor… and… yeah.
Me: Yeah, why don’t you just go fix everything that’s wrong with your truck right now.
J: [realizing his joke has gone horribly wrong] … uh.
Me: Yeah, let’s play the stereotypes, see how that works out. See if you ever get to eat anything decent
J: I was just kidding. I love you!


One thought on “Actual Conversations with J, Episode 2

  1. Please make sure I am listening next time J uses his “‘man’s man’ rough and tough voice,” haha. I think I may have been present during this Episode in real life. And that little kid, what a punk!

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