Actual Conversations with J- Episode 1

Me: So what happens if one day I get so mad at you that I go in the bathroom and lock the door?
J: You mean like we read about that one couple?
Me: Yes.  What would you do?
J: Probably say, “kj, I love you.  Please come out.”
Me: silence
J: Or something else.
Me: thinking this over…
J: like maybe call a locksmith?
M: eyes dart quickly… mock angry gaze
J: No, not that, that would be mean.  I’d get my crowbar!
Me: You have a crowbar?
J: No…
Me: Well, we didn’t register for it, so I know we won’t have it.
J: Maybe I used the Home Depot gift certificate that Mikhail (not his real name) is going to give us to buy the crowbar?!  See!
Me: skeptical looks…
J: already moving on… hey, what if I tell him that I use his Home Depot gift card to buy wallpaper… he’d be so mad, it’d be awesome…

2 thoughts on “Actual Conversations with J- Episode 1

  1. Ha ha! I know Mikhail would be sooooo pissed about the wallpaper! But even better….buy yard art. Or home decor. Wait…I don’t shop at Home Depot. Do they have those things? Lowes does! I’m a frequenter of Lowes now that I have a hosue!

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