Dear, please stop judging me.

Apologies for my slowness in posting.

If you’re engaged you need to check out Actually, I’m sure you already have, I don’t know how we brides-to-be ever functioned without it. All the benefits of a bridal magazine except:
1) It’s not $5.99… it’s free!
2) You don’t have to purchase a new issue for the styles to update
3) no papercuts
4) It’s not just about the articles… it’s about the cool applications that come with it

Theknot has helped us manage our guest list and budget, keep track of gifts and thank you notes, create a website for guests to peruse, and wrangle ideas without having to get out a pair of scissors (which is great, because I’m really awful with scissors. Really).

But has a dark, disapproving, judgmental side: the to-do list.

I love lists. My mother is a compulsive list-maker and taught me the tactic of writing everything you need to do on a list, even if you’ve already done it (crossing anything off feels really good, even if it’s just “get out of bed”). has a to-do list for every bride, and it generates when different things should be done according to when your wedding date is (find your dress 6 months out, get a manicure 2 days out, etc.). You check off tasks as you complete them, and the list will let you know when any item becomes overdue.

Theknot suggests 6 months to a year for wedding planning… but I think it’s partial to those brides who wait longer. I knew I didn’t want to be engaged for more than half a year, but I was confident that we could plan a wedding in 6 months, after all people do it (and some in fewer months) all the time.

But I did not anticipate the watchful, skeptical eye of theknot.

Soon after receiving my ring, I signed up for a knot account. I was not yet ready to tackle the website creator, guest list manager, or budgeter (I’d never be ready to tackle that one…) so the tiny wedding planner inside of me jumped up and down as I began to activate the almighty to do list. This will be so helpful. I can’t wait to get started on my list.

I click “enter” after I put in our newly decided date: July 11, 2009, a little less than 7 months away, and waited for my list to be created. Finally the page loaded, and I saw that the to-do list was not on the side of the half-year brides…

You have 185 items to do… and 92 items are overdue.

Be careful… judges you, overly confident bride-to-be… how dare you assume you can become a bride in less than 12 months…


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