How did he do it?

Once you get the engagement ring, that’s what everyone asks. Everyone. Even ex-boyfriends (yes, for real, he did).

While I can honestly say that I only recently thought seriously about my wedding, I have always pondered my proposal. Never mind that it was one part I had no control over, I still daydreamed about it. I had one rather elaborate daydream that involved a day-long scavenger hunt that ended with an a capella men’s group singing “My Girl” as fiancé-to-be appeared from among the crowd (OMG- I am the biggest loser ever) carrying a red rose (and I’m also cliché).

Some of my friends have received elaborate proposals… there have been dolphins carrying rings, romantic rendezvous on a mountainside as a photographer caught the action, white cabanas on the beach, dinners in sky-high restaurants, and, yes, day-long scavenger hunts. There have also been some lower-key versions… showing up at the door to wake her up with the ring in hand, proposals in the kitchen, picnics in the park, and all still romantic.

J and I have known that we would, God willing, get married since September 2008. I think we both knew individually before that, but that was when we finally talked about it. He proposed on December 16. That’s a lot of time for me to wonder how it was gonna go down, and for him to freak out about what he was going to do.

Truth be told, I didn’t need anything super elaborate… even my little daydream would have been a bit embarrassing for me to recount (and that’s the real reason we want something so “big” right? So we have a good story to tell?). And a lot of that stuff is just not my style, and it’s definitely not J’s. But I just couldn’t figure out what was our style? What would he do? I had a pretty good idea of when (my bet was either December 10, my last day of class or December 16, when I would be done with all undergraduate work), and as he was leading me to the proposal site I thought “ok, here it comes.” But I still had no clue as to what would happen.

He took me to an area on campus we affectionately call “Froghenge” (it’s a large rock circle that showed up one year for no apparent reason), in front of the dance building (my second home on campus), where there was a stuffed dog (a Pomeranian) with a box on its back. I opened the box and found two pieces of gum inside (which is a strange and rather elaborate inside joke between the two of us). As I thought “ok, what’s next,” he was down on one knee with another box in hand, saying “will you marry me?” And I said yes.

It was a good night. The ring was very sparkly.


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